1994-1998 Physiotherapy, Amsterdam University
2000-2005 Physiotherapist at the ‘Fliers’ praktijk in Amsterdam
2000-2005 Osteopathy Vocational training ‘College Sutherland’ in Amsterdam
2006 Practical Exams
2009 D.O. (diploma Osteopathie) Case study presentation

Further Education

  • Pediatrics; Children at Dijs
  • Biodynamics phase 1,2,3,4,5; O’Sullivan
  • Embryology (under Hoppner and Girardin)
  • Anatomy & Ontogenesis of man in osteopathy according to Blechschmidt, Hoppner and Girardin
  • Pelvis minor; The small intestines, the treatment of internal organs (bladder, uterus and the stern)
  • Human dissection (arm and shoulder blade, leg, abdomen), University of Heidelberg, Germany


  • Methodology (scientific research) from Dun
  • Physiology; Max Girardin
  • EVOST: Evolutionary medicine within the Osteopathic field 1se, 2nde ,3rd and 4th years; Hoppner and Girardin
  • EVOST: Field expedition Namibië with 15 osteopaths from diverse nationalities
  • Human dissection (abdomen / breast, brain), University of Heidelberg, Germany


  • Sports Osteopathy
  • EVOST 5th and 6th years completed as EVOST-fellow


  • Pelvis minor; the small intestines, the treatment of internal organs (bladder, uterus and the stern) by Olivier Bazin (Fr)
  • Internship teacher at the School for Osteopathy ‘College Sutherland’ in Amsterdam for students at the end of their osteopathic training
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