To the Osteopath, the body is a challenging puzzle. The Osteopath searches and feels for blockages and strains in the body. The precise treatment of these blockages creates room so that the body can better feed and drain food and waste. When blockages are gone and blood circulation is improved, complaints disappear.

Osteopathy looks for the source

Esther Verstraten: ‘When someone asks me what an osteopath does, I say that I help the body to help itself work well again. I investigate the whole body including all moving and non moving parts. I look for issues in the dynamics and inter-relationships between the joints, organs and other tissues. That’s where I start. Sometimes that is not where someone directly experiences the problems; The source of a problem can be quite different.’

Examples of complaints

  • Someone comes to the osteopath with neck pain, ringing ears and sleep problems. After examination it appears that this is caused by a blockage in the stomach for which the neck has tried to compensate. This primary dysfunction eventually lead to the complaints.
  • A man has been to the physiotherapist with back problems a number of times. However, a visit to the osteopath reveals that, the origin of his complaints is not in the back itself, but rather in the stiffness of the organs.
  • A baby is labelled a ‘crybaby’, but actually is suffering with pressure on its skull after a difficult childbirth. Baby Osteopathy makes a world of difference.

The Channel Tunnel is Closed.

Osteopathy can be compared to the Channel tunnel. Because the tunnel is closed, problems arise on the roads at either end. The solution is not to focus on the issues on the roads (caused by the closed tunnel), but on the cause of those problems i.e. the fact that the tunnel is closed.

Origin of osteopathy

Osteopathy is a manual approach based on the vision of Andrew Taylor Still, ‘the father of our philosophy’. You and the self-restorative ability of your body are central. If there is another possible cause for your complaints, we will discuss this and look for appropriate solutions. Regular or alternative. In case of severe life-threatening pathology, we always advise you to contact your GP or specialist.

Osteopathy can also be the solution to your complaints. Read more about which complaints an osteopath can treat or make direct contact.

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