During the first treatment. we will look for the causes of your complaint. I take a thorough physical examination and feel with my hands how flexible the body is everywhere. I also feel the subtle movements in the body. By observing and analyzing the movements in the body and linking them to embryological, anatomical and physiological knowledge, I propose the diagnosis. To do this, I take time. Because the more I know, the simpler and more targeted treatment is.

During the treatment

At each treatment I’m looking for the biggest knot, until there are no complaints or knots anymore. Once the blockages are removed, blood circulation flows freely again and can eliminate the complaints.

After the treatment

After treatment, you may be tired but relaxed. Complaints may get worse for a short period of time, or old complaints will temporarily overlap. Drink lukewarm water, then the waste can be removed more easily. And rest!

Treatment duration

Each treatment is an incentive for the body to ultimately restore its balance. To make this mechanism work, usually there are 2 to 4 weeks between treatments. When complaints decrease (usually after 3 treatments) the intermediate period will be 4 to 6 weeks.

Information about the treatment


  • If complaints exist for a long time, the treatment often takes longer because the tissue is firmer.
  • Baby’s I treat weekly or every other week.
  • Preventive treatments are approximately 3 times a year.

In general, people like the space they feel in their bodies and happily keep coming back for maintenance. If necessary, I also give general advice on lifestyle and nutrition to support the self-regulatory mechanism of the body.

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