Employers can reduce sick leave by regularly sending your staff to the osteopath. Health at work begins with this premise: that when the body is in balance it can move mountains. You will see that sick leave within your organization decreases, when your employees regularly go to an osteopath for “maintenance”. They recover faster and become sick less often.

Healthy Staff

Osteopathy Verstraten treats ill employees for various companies. Osteopathic treatment supports the recovery process and can even prevent complaints. This saves you high sick leave costs. Certainly in view of the Modernization Disease Act, this investment pays for the health of your staff.

Healthy working at Berend Botje

Healthy work is important for Alien Alberts from Kindercentrum Berend Botje. She keeps her 300 employees in optimal condition by regularly sending them to Esther Verstraten – osteopath. In this video, she tells about her experiences.

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