Esther Verstraten is a graduate physiotherapist and osteopath. “Every body tells a story. My curiosity about these stories is why I chose this profession. I want to know how and why complaints arise and why they do or don’t leave. Osteopathy does not focus on one problem area but puts everything in a broader context. That inspires me every day. “

Prolonged complaints

Esther Verstraten is an osteopath in Hoorn and in Amsterdam. She treats many people who have suffered with certain complaints for a long time and have tried everything. “I’m a last resort for some. I do not mind; It gives me all the more satisfaction when it turns out that after all, I can help people. “

Cause of complaints

“I love challenges. The body is a puzzle and I want to solve that. I want to know where complaints arise. Every day, I notice that the human body, health and fitness are a whole, together with the environment. By careful observation, I learn the body’s mechanisms. I learn how they fit into the puzzle. As a result, I understand how diseases and complaints arise and how to solve them. “

Good osteopath

Esther Verstraten hasa comprehensive CV and since 2006 two successful Osteopathy practices: in Hoorn and Amsterdam. Here she treats several complaints including:

  • crying babies
  • Intestinal problems
  • dizziness and ringing ears
  • ménière disease
  • burn-out
  • Fertility problems
  • Incontinence after pregnancy
  • Whiplash and all kinds of back, neck and joint complaints

She also works with (top) athletes who want to optimize their fitness and flexibility.

To see and understand the unity of the body and the anatomy in living images, Esther studies in post-training ‘EVOST’ the human embryological development as an evolutionary concept. In addition, she has been an EVOST-fellow since 2011 and she works regularly in the labs at the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

‘Knowing your body’s evolutionary history helps to evaluate why your body looks and works as it does, hence why you get sick.’ – Daniel Lieberman, Ph.D., a Harvard professor of evolutionary biology.

Read more about the methodology of Esther Verstraten or contact Esther Verstraten directly.

Francesco Agostino

He obtained the DO in Osteopathy at the International College of Osteopathic Medicine acquiring experience as a clinical tutor and teacher of structural osteopathy. After graduating, he obtains the certificate of “Advanced Osteopathic and Chiropratic Manipulation” and “Medical Acupuncture” at the prestigious OMT Training in London. In July 2019 he obtained the EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer Diploma thanks to which he was able to focus on the functional, postular and rehabilitative recovery of the patient, both sports and newbies. It currently operates between Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Milan.


International School Of Osteopatic Medicine at Milan Italy; Osteopath D.O (Diplomed Osteopath)


Osteopath and Personal Trainer at
Dental Care Clinic / Odontoiatrico;
Medisan Clinic
and in a Gym


Master of Sports Osteopathy
Master in Biodynamic Osteopathy
Personal Trainer

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