Osteopathy for children, can mean a world of difference for you and your child. Is your child unwell, does your child sleep badly or have other complaints you cannot cope with? With the help of gentle and safe osteopathic techniques, the balance in the child’s body is quickly and noticeably restored.

Blockages in children

Children and babies can not always vocalize the issue, but blockages in the body express themselves in a variety of ways:

  • Crying or sleeping difficulties
  • Head or Back posture
  • Stiffness or balance
  • Skin problems
  • Vomiting/(gag) reflex
  • Problems with passing stools or distress in feeding
  • Motor retardation; Late to talk, roll or sit
  • (Stunted) Growth/Developmental problems
  • Sleep disorders, napping
  • ADHD or autism related unrest
  • Eye problems and issues such as stroke (squinting) or recurring ear infections
  • Learning difficulties such as reading, writing or concentration

Good results

Child Osteopathy is a very nice way of using gentle and safe techniques on babies and children. Direct manipulation of the neck is never needed. Because of this safe way of working and it’s good results, osteopathy is ideally suited for treating babies and children.

When it appears that your child needs urgent help, I will refer you to a pediatrician or general practitioner.

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